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Monday, February 24, 2014

Farm Happenings

 It's been a busy few weeks on the farm.

Lots of sheep happenings... Sorting out and selling lambs. Keeping alive new lambs. Sorting out and selling old ewes and some more lambs. Shearing ewes. Bottlefeeding lambs. Doing perimeter checks in the lambing barns (those little dears like to find any space they can fit into to get stuck). Shearing more ewes. Dosing ewes.  Feeding ewes.

Then there is oil well happenings... Pumps needing fixed, wells needing maintenance.

Farm Tax happenings... Done and Done! Turned into the accountant. I sincerely hate math (it is my least favorite 4 letter word) and I sincerely love there are people in this world who enjoy it so much they become accountants.

Chicken happenings... they are now producing 13-14 eggs a day. I need to cull 3 of the older chickens that are just eating food, but I'm waiting till the weather warms up a bit. I need to order another 10-15 layers this Spring and am trying to decide if I want to stick with the trusty Golden Comet or branch out and try another breed. Thoughts? All I care about is consistency and the most eggs.

Cattle Happenings... Farmer does most of their caring, but he did forget to shut the Evil Gate and 25 head of cattle got out on the road... while I was on the phone. Slamming the phone down, pulling on my mud boots, I ran outside. In the van I hopped, laying on the horn. Got a few cows to come in just by this, but most were booking it. A hay truck appeared to be coming down from the hill and, not caring if they had some place to be, I decided to race past the cattle moving away from the truck. I jack knifed the van a distance from the cattle and using the other truck as a detourant to go up the road, we corralled them back into the evil, open gate. As I went over to say "thank you", I realized it was "the boys"... the men who serviced our oil wells for many months. I felt much better about inconveniencing them then! Gate shut, we won. Stupid cows!

Milk Cow happenings... Rosie and BamBam are sold. Shockingly, I shed a few tears when I told Rosie goodbye. There is just something about a jersey milk cow... dogs dying, cats getting ran over, never bothered me much. But Ms. Rosie, the big, teat-dragging milk cow... turned me all sentimental.  They fetched a very nice price and we are trying to decide if we should wait for our Holstein to calve in a couple months or buy a new milk cow, in milk, in March. My frugal side says to just wait, but my love of fresh milk side is saying to buy a fresh jersey! We'll probably wait because Farmer is always more logical than I am.

The biggest news is that our local high school's FFA Auction is coming up in a month. We've sold some farm equipment there before, but they also take other stuff. I usually bake cinnamon rolls for them to sell, but this year I decided to sew a farm-themed crib quilt. Because there is no Allis Chalmers fabric, I asked Farmer what material to buy: New Holland, International, or John Deere. My jaw dropped when he said, "John Deere." He said it would sell the best. Baby Girl hid her face in her hands at the news.
 So I ordered John Deere fabric... and it will be inside this house. An Allis Chalmers house. Big news indeed... considered Farm News because of the polarized, tractor fan clubs.

I must be off. Jack, the lamb, heard me go grab a cup of coffee and he is bleating for his bottle. Years of motherhood have taught me how to tune noises out, but to tune back in when earnestness enters their vocal chords.

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  1. Ha! I didn't realize tensions got so high about tractor brands.