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Monday, March 10, 2014

Sewing Snapshots

I haven't shared what's been making my sewing machine stitch miles lately. It's been running ragged as ever though. And though I thought I had been great at figuring out my sewing to-do list for this year, I keep adding more and more to it! Then, of course, I need fabric for the new projects listed... I tell ya, it's a good thing Farmer loves me...

So, Baby girl needed some new pajamas and I got out my favorite flannel line (I had been hoarding it... LOVE Buttercup Babies) and sewed her 3 new pajama gowns (that sometimes turn into day dresses) and a couple pajama bottoms (not shown). I was saving the fabric for baby blankets, baby clothes, and such, in case Farmer gave the go-ahead to add a new little farm kid to our brood, but it's been a year and a half of storing this fabric and it was time to use it. I don't know what this means about a 5th baby... and I'm okay with that right now. :)

I have a Valentine's Day tradition with Farmer's 2 nieces, in which I sew them a Valentine's Day dress or skirt. This year, I chose to sew 2 dresses...

Baby Girl's Valentine's Day Dress is below. She wanted to wear her new doggie dress I sewed her on the big day though. I didn't realize 2 year old girls started wanting a say in what they wear so young! I have a lot to learn.

 I hosted a Little House on the Prairie Day and had the pleasure of teaching 2 sweet girls a little about sewing. It was so fun and has me so excited for when Baby Girl is old enough to learn!

We sewed pillows...

I finished 3 quilts that are very dear to my heart... after the 3rd one though, I started contemplating the value of sending a quilt off to get professionally quilted. Or the value of upgrading to a sewing machine with a long throat. That would make quilting so much easier! I am in the process of researching... Here are some random glimpses of the 3 quilts:

I've picked up embroidery again. It had been years and I forgot how relaxing and fun it was! Finished some gifts for loved ones and am working on a special project for one of my favorite people. 

Farmer prefers I work on non-sewing machine crafts when he is home. To be fair, my machine is loud and we were finishing up the series "Burn Notice"... intense! It was the perfect week to make a stack of fleece blankets for our Children's Hospital.This is a great project for even non-sew-ers and kids love them!

Now we are watching "Murdoch's Mysteries" which is much more conducive to sewing at the machine. Perfect timing as I'm churning out 2 John Deere quilts this week! 

It feels good to have a hobby I enjoy so much and a husband who is (usually) more than happy (okay, okay: just happy) to create a bigger fabric budget some months. 


  1. Hi, this is Vicki from A Quilter's Mission! You are a no-reply blogger, so I tracked you down. Thank you so much for your kind comment. She is our little miracle. To God be the glory...Vicki Your blog is so much fun!

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