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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Some Farm Highlights

It's been so long since I've last posted, I kind of don't know where to begin. To begin where I last left off seems impossible and too overwhelming, so a bit of randomness seems much more in order.

This past week, much like the previous 4, was full of goings-on. It's kind of foggy when it began, but I have become farm parts runner and children runner and errand runner and that involves a lot of... running. Consuming days and leaving me with the "what the heck did I do today or yesterday or the day before that?" as I stare at my disaster of a home in the evening. I asked Farmer if we could have someone come and help deep clean the house with me or take the kids to a babysitter so I could do it uninterrupted, but his firm, "No, you are capable." leaves me feeling a bit of shame.

Everything gets piled on top of something else and new summer projects come rolling in week after week. It's good... and chaotic with a hint of drowning.

Why did I think all of this would get easier when the kids got older? Sigh. I guess when people would look at me with my 4 hooligans, aged 4 and under, and say, "You must be so busy! How do you do it?" I assumed that that meant it gets less busy as they are older. I was wrong. Boy howdy, was I wrong.

Enough rambling...

Some recent farm life highlights:

-Sissy, our holstein, is fresh now. I'm amazed at how much more milk holsteins give vs. jerseys... and how much less cream there is. Farmer is still training her to go in her stanchion nicely so until then he is doing the milking. His mom was gored by a holstein with horns (much like Sissy) years ago, so this is why he is so cautious about it.

-Our first batch of meat chickens went to the butcher last Friday. Farmer was just going to drive up and then come home to do some work, then have me pick up the frozen birds later, but he ran into Cardhawk, who was also processing his birds. They found themselves giddy with no wives, no children, and no work, so they spent the day frollicking (that's how I like to picture them, at least) the county... visiting lumber mills, Amish ware stores, and I think a petting zoo. Crafty Lady and I were a bit on the jealous side, to say the least. Farmer's peace offering was a horn of colby jack cheese, 2 1-gallon mason jars, and a box of 1/2 gallon mason jars. He was forgiven. And now it's my turn for a break!

-The garden is planted... not how I want, but it's planted. I hate planting so much (am I allowed to say that and still be a farmer's wife? I do love to weed, but it's because I can see my work immediately.) and Farmer had no time to help me plant, so he put sweet corn in the corn planter and planted it all in corn. I have a few tomato, green bean, and bell peppers planted, but it looks like I'll be buying beans and tomatoes to can off the Amish again. I'm not apologizing... even though a farming friend lit into me about it. I can only do so much before having a mental breakdown... and I'm close. So this is all for the good. Better to buy veggies and be sane for the husband and kids than to be straight-jacketed mama in an institution.

-Corn is planted and Farmer is anxious to start cutting hay. Rain, rain, go away this week, come again next week. I don't feel like talking about all the field stuff though. We rarely see that man as it is. What's his name again?

-I fixed our push mower!... then I broke it again. And when I saw "again", I mean for the 3rd time THIS mowing season. But now I know how to put on new propeller blades so I don't even need to inform Farmer when this happens the next time. And I'm not kidding myself, there will be a next time. I get all my pent up frustration out when I mow every week, so I mow and I don't stop... t posts, rocks, 3-seater swing hooks... just keep mowing. heeeehehehheeeee. Scared yet?

-Trying to lean on Farmer less and less (with a happy heart still... albiet that doesn't always happen) as he gets more and more busy, so I'm also trying my hand at the weed whacker too. And trying to fix the: shop vac, the clothesline, and the vaccuum. Wow, I'm hard on things!

-Been perfecting my skills at the pitch fork. The kids and I are still hard at work cleaning out the big barn that has decade old hay in it. It's a slow process. But I bet I can beat you arm wrestling. :)

-The kids and I and some friends went strawberry picking last week. Guess what's sitting on my stove? Strawberry jam of course! We don't go through a whole lot of jam (the kids prefer honey on sandwiches), but it's nice to have. The first canning session of the season! Yay and eek!

   That's all the update for now. Lots more going on and hope to get back into writing in this online journal here, but I have some embroidery work to get to and, as I sat down to write this week's ever expanding to-do list, I realized the above has been on there for 3 weeks. The same for mopping, but who the heck wants to mop after these long, summer days? Embroidering infront of an air conditioner? Yes, please.


  1. Some days it does seem like we're spinning our wheels. Some days, the fact that the kids are alive And fed = success. I'm a grandma now so I remember those days of shaking my head, wondering what I did all day. Actually, come to think of it, there are still days that my list is longer than the time available to get everything done. My first batch of strawberry jam turned out so well I went back for more strawberries...and ran out of steam. They got cleaned and crushed and put in the freezer - to be continued another day. From this end of the blog post, it actually looks like you're doing great and wonderful things! - RT

  2. Who's this friend who lit into you? I'm going to get the sisters together and we're going to do some damage!